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We are retiring this blog & moving on up.  

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Keeping Asheville Toasty

We carefully select the warmest wool blends that drape beautifully over your body.  Classic lines, harmonious colors & whimsical prints to make staying warm so stylish.  Current offerings in the shop from Dear Creatures (California), Pink Martini (Canada) and Sugarhill Boutique (UK).


Edith Head.

Today's Google Doodle celebrates the 116th birthday of Edith Head, and we couldn't let the lauding of such a fashion icon go un-noted (Particularly as our favorite window mannequin, Miss Light-Bulb Head, claims to be one of her distant relatives.)

If you haven't heard the name Edith Head before, it's still a good bet that you know some of her work already - The woman won EIGHT Oscars for costume design, so if you've seen any Hitchcock movies ("Vertigo", or "The Birds" maybe) or some real classics like "Sunset Boulevard" or "All About Eve", then you've seen Edith Head's clothes.

Or you could go by Orbit DVD or Rosebud Video and rent "Columbo: Requim for a Falling Star" which Miss Head makes a cameo in, along with a few of her Academy Awards.  It's a pretty good episode too.

In honor of Miss Head we suggest wearing something truly fabulous today.


Uncle Rico

Check out the magical transformation Uncle Rico goes through adorned with a new hat from our shop:

Let one of our hats put a smile on your face too!


Pearl Shades - A Venn Diagram of Style.

There are some items that at first glance seem to be aimed at a very specific range of people - And then you start noticing potential style and genre crossovers.  A great example are the crazy cool round pearl shades you can find on our sunglass stand.

As you can see from the venn diagram above, there are at least three quite different groups of people who would feel comfortable rocking these.  And we'd love to be at a party where all of them hung out!

By the way Advanced Style has a particularly fabulous interview up right now - It's Dita Von Teese speaking with the eternally vivacious Ilona Royce Smithkin.

We'd join those two for cocktails any day. Imagine the stories!  Imagine the glamour!



"Pre-Fall" is one of those fashion terms that you can simultaneously mock and completely understand what they are talking about.  This week? It's totally pre-fall.  You can wear a mix of your favorite summer dress with a denim jacket and your beloved, perfectly aged, knee boots and it feels like you've just refreshed your entire wardrobe.

It's still sunny enough for that great pair of shades you've been rocking since June, but now you can also throw on the newsboy cap you bought last winter and it looks great.

Pre-Fall. Yeah, it's a ridiculous made-up mini-seasonette, but it's also a great time to play dress up and refresh your wardrobe.  We have to admit to secretly loving it.

Ladies, check out the new offerings from Sugarhill Boutique like the Up Up and Away dress pictured above.

Guys, we just received a new shipment of Alternative Apparel in comfy v-necks and muted fall colors.

Hats from Peter Grimm and San Diego Hat Co. have also arrived & we've got brand new socks from Tabbisocks on our shelves - photos coming soon!


Fall at the Lake

The fog is setting in, the leaves are blushing and slowly letting go.  The Veronica Sweater ($72) from Effie's Heart also comes in a sunset-kissed yellow, perfect for layering for the chilly morning.  Necklace ($64) with a bold and beautiful lion by local artist Amber Hatchett Designs.

The lightweight Sophia Tunic, ($58 sold out) by Pink Martini, boasts a print that conjures exotic lands, the aroma of spice markets and the sounds of woodwinds from a land far away.  Perfect for breaking out the cozy leggings and earthy boots.

One of our favorite fall dresses, the Lettie Lace by Ixia ($60) also comes in black for the perfect LBD.  Soft and simple, it will pair perfect with a light jacket and lightweight scarf in your hair or around your neck.

Goodbye summer, take the rains with you!  Be sure to check out the last of our vintage inspired swimsuit collection all at 25% off till they last.  Featuring styles by Pinup Couture, Girl Howdy, Esther Williams & O'Fabz.

Special thanks to Morgan Ford Photography, Kimberly Serena Edwards for modeling and to The Scene for publishing this shoot.


Soundtrack to Style.

Style is the soundtrack to your life.

It's never a problem when someone asks to try on an outfit that one of the shop's models is wearing, because it's an opportunity to dress that mannequin in something else.

With the whole shop to choose from,  the soundtrack playing on the stereo can strongly effect how you put together a look and it's accessories.

Today's playlist included The Ramones and The Runaways, can you tell?
  • Pocket Knife Necklace - Amber Hatchett Designs
  • Black Halter - Sourpuss
  • Belt - Studded Leather
  • Plaid Skirt - Heartbreaker
Of course once Divo came on all bets were off, but by then all the mannequins were fully dressed...


Fall for Dear Creatures

We're excited to bring you Dear Creatures!  Their fall season is full of the softest fabrics in wonderfully retro cuts and colors.